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Welcome to my Livejournal!

My Livejournal is partially friends only. Everything that has to do with fandom, shipping and news/spoilers is on for everybody to see. My personal life and thoughts are friends only, so if you want to know me better feel free to friend me. I usually tend to ramble about finding a job, the weather, french and international politics... Don't be scared!  I don't bite, spoilers are under the cut and if I start to use the cap lock it means something big is happening in the fandom...that's should be enough warning! *giggles*
My vids
I'm a vidder. It's my first love and I am now trying to understand Sony Vegas for the many project I have in mind. I used Window Movie Maker for two years but was bored because of the lack of cool effects compared to what I could see online. Vegas is a nice new toy but gives me vids coming soon! Posts about my vids: musicvideo tag

You can also  visit my Youtube channel: LelianaMcKay
My fanfics
I write mainly for SGA and BSG. All my fics can be found on under the name leliana Mckay.
It's basically fluff or romance about McWeir, McCarter or Adama/Roslin.

My fanarts
I have adobe photoshop CS3. A very pretty toy that allows me to do my wallpapers, banners, headers, icons and more. As usual it's fandom and shipper oriented. I take requests if asked nicely!

Icon posts: 
- BSG (Adama and Roslin mainly): first batch, second batch, tiny third batch, fourth batch, fifth batch, six batch (on the way)
- SGA (McKay, Weir and Carter) :  first batch, second batch, third batch (on the way)

Check all my stuff on my website: a world of dreams and adventures.

Happy reading/watching and beware of spoilers!

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Music video: Will and Emma - Without You

It has been a while since I last vidded...this is exciting!

So here is my first Glee fanvid!
I have become rapidly fascinated by Will and Emma's strange relationship and needed to make a little vid for them.
This is a quick vid I did last week using Sony Vegas 8.0 for the editing.
I edited the vid with the thought that Will and Emma had already deeper feelings going on and were reflecting on what the future could bring.

No copyright infringement intended, this is just a little fanvid about my favorite pairing on Glee. No money was made making this vid
Comments are very welcomed!

Collapse )EDIT: since Youtube decided to take it offline I am uploading it on Divshare: coming soon.

EDIT BIS: I loved how I guessed this was gonna be their song! LOVED THE MID SEASON FINALE!
I am working out to re-edit my fanvid with the scenes for THE BEST EPISODE EVER! Keep watching!
Check it here:My life would suck without you!
High times

Am back!! Long time no see!

WOW it's been a while since I have been here.
Am still alive, still working in Miami, still enjoying my work and the Beach.
I have been busy  is my only excuse.

Since the end of BSG I have been trying to find motivation to do some fandom work but time.
I work, go to the gym, watch Tv and sleep!
Got new computer cause last one died in Canada. Right I went on vacation in Eastern Canada for almost 3 weeks. LOVED IT!

I have new fandom loves!!!
- - GLEE!  Who else is addicted already? I got my special pairing chosen already. Who can guess?
- - Flashforward... love the idea... kinda x-files meet the 4400 or something like that.
- - Stargate Universe... Am a bit disappointed by the easy/lucky save the day moments and not exceptional cast but it's Stargate!

Still hooked at House MD (HUDDY LOVE), 30 Rock, Gossip Girl, Fringe, Heroes (well not really but still watching)

I can't wait for " V", the preview is awesome.
Also waiting for Caprica... the miniserie was pretty cool.

Did I miss anything? Tell me if I' m missed out on any cool stuff around!

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NOOOOOOOO!! IT wasn't real! **sniff**

It has been a while since I last posted...the BSG serie finale so it is very meaningful that I post about another finale... the season finale of House MD.


Another heartwrenching heart slowly was destroyed to piece as the truth came more evident... two words: NOT REAL!
I just can't believe  the plot twist... and the PAIN that comes with it.
I was so happy for House. I loved Wilson's opinion and guidance. Cuddy's emotional response and WOW the reveal !

Alright I won't spoil anymore ...I totally want to cry but can't find the will.

I knew the spoilers but I feel like my heart was ripped apart, just like House's.

Next season is gonna be very dark I think. FRAK IT! I want an happy ending just like House wishes...unconsciously.

Who is also a wreak here?


And to the end!

Collapse )

This is it... the end. I am heartbroken because there won't be any more episodes.

What a great two hours finale! Perfection for the plot .. so many answers BUT too much for two hours.
This could have happened in 4 episodes... my brain could not proceed everything.

Great performance from everyone. I wish this could have continued for ever but all good this come to an end! BSG WILL LIVE FOREVER!

black and white a/r

BSG: The finale... in 25 minutes

Right, that's it! The Finale is coming in 25 minutes.
I have been a nervous wreck all day, reading spoilers... (OMG! I can't believe what I read! ) I cried at work!
Thankfully nobody saw me!

Anyway... the wait is almost over!

Left enjoy those last two hours!