Somewhere in this Expanding Universe

Scifi should be a religion and McKay its God, hmm...or maybe not!

Hey everyone!

I finally decided to get a livejournal since everyone seems to have one.
I am a vidder, a photoshopper and a shipper, so here I will post the things I created. This place is fandom oriented, I will post spoilers about my favorite shows: Stargate atlantis, Battlestar Galactica and House MD. I might also talk about movies and stuff about me but this will be friends only.

Scifi is my life, I can watch the Scifi channel all day long. My favorite TV shows are Stargate Atlantis and Sg1, Battlestar Galactica, House MD, 30 rock, The 4400, The Dead Zone, Heroes, Farscape, X-files, The Pretender, The visitor, Dark skies, Psi-factor, Seaquest, The Riches, Army Wifes, The Starter Wife, Friends, Will&Grace, The Nanny, Surface, Touched by an Angel ...

I am currently and forever shipping:
-in Glee: Will/Emma, Finn/Rachel
-in Gossip Girl: Blair/Chuck
-in Fringe: Peter/Olivia
-in SGA: McWeir, McCarter, McBrown, Mckeller,...everyone with McKay!
-in BSG: Adama/Roslin, Roslin/Zarek, Dee/Billy
-in House MD: House/Cuddy, House/Wilson/Cuddy, Wilson/Amber, Chase/Cameron
-in 30 rock: Liz/Jack
-in X-files: Mulder/Scully, Skinner/Scully *giggles*
-in Seaquest DSV: Nathan/Kristin
-in the 4400: Tom/Diana, Kyle/Isabelle
-in the Dead Zone: Sara/Johnny
-in the Pretender: Jarod/Miss Parker
-in Friends: Ross and Rachel for ever!

My favorite familly!!

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That's about it. Add-me I'm friendly!!